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Scrap metal creates reliable, robust structures that endure for years to come. If you represent an industry needing scrap metal, Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc. is your expert scrap metal supplier. Since our humble beginnings in 1932, we have strived to provide the highest-quality products and customer service. During your visit to one of our locations, you can expect honesty and transparency from one of the industry-leading scrap metal suppliers in the market.

When you’re looking for scrap, check out scrap metal for sale from Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc.

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Types Of Scrap Metal Liberty Sells

At Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc., we know how versatile scrap metal is. That’s why we offer several metal materials to make your shopping experience easy. We are your one-stop shop for scrap metal — you can buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal from us. All you have to do is contact our team, and we will fill you in on all the buying opportunities at our scrap yard.

Ferrous Metals for Sale

Our scrap metal yards offer several ferrous (iron-containing) metals. These materials can provide holistic solutions to your current project or industrial need. At our scrap metal yards, you’ll find two primary ferrous materials.


Steel is everywhere. It is a prevalent material with many variations, from carbon steel and stainless steel to mild steel. All of these steels are critical for building tools and equipment used worldwide. You can find stainless steel in your kitchen as well as in garages, bridges, buildings and playgrounds. It is essential to everyday life.


Humans have used iron for thousands of years. Many people choose iron because of its cost, malleability and ability to conduct electricity. In history, iron was the go-to material for creating tools and weapons. Nowadays, we use it to form stainless steel. Another popular use includes sheet iron for building ships, airplanes and bridges.

Non-Ferrous Metals for Sale

Non-ferrous metals lack iron, yet they create durable materials for constructing equipment, making tools and creating items we use daily. Some of these items are relatively small but are critical to our homes’ electricity and the money in our pockets.


Aluminum is a great scrap metal for a range of uses. It’s lightweight, can be strengthened through heating processes and is also low cost. Many electricity companies use aluminum because it is a good electricity conductor — you can find it in electrical transmission lines. Other industries use aluminum for airplane construction, cooking equipment and soda cans.


One of the first metals we used in civilization, copper, has played a vital role in our society’s progression. It has several beneficial properties, such as its softness and ductile nature. Because of these traits, professionals in the electrical industry regularly use copper as wiring. Copper can be fused with other metals to become more robust and reliable for other uses, like building materials.


We also offer brass, a combination of copper and zinc. The resulting metal is gold-colored, making it a popular material for manufacturing decorative items. Brass is ductile, malleable and strong. It is also critical to building instruments and long-lasting tools. Because of its resistance to bacterial growth, many industries make bathroom fixtures with brass.

Why Work With Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc.

When you partner with Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc., you get a company with almost 100 years in the scrap metal industry. We have maintained a strong reputation because of our standards. Our scrap metal yards follow regulatory guidelines when applicable, so you can trust the materials you purchase from us. We also work with you closely to help you find the metals you require. Your projects and industrial needs are essential to us, so we ensure you leave with materials that get the job done right.

Buy Scrap Metal From Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc.

If you need to buy scrap metal, find a supplier you can trust. At Liberty Iron & Metal, Inc., we work with you. Let us know what project you have or which industry you work for, and we will direct you to the materials that can best serve you — all for fair prices. We have locations across the nation available to help you. Find the scrap metal yard nearest to you to find what you need, or fill out an online contact form today.

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